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It would be accurate to assume that any IP address

or CIDR IP address range as listed on this page

is in our RBLDNSD Servers!

Take due notice thereof and govern yourself accordingly.

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When someone gets on this list, they do not exist on the Internet

as far as we are concerned. This list includes Spammers, Porn & Smut

peddlers, FTP probers, Port Attacks, MickeySoft idiots who do not have enough

sense to patch their servers so they will not get infected with 

virus programs! Any ISP who fails to take appropriate

action when so notified about any of the above listed activities, also gets

listed here! Any ISP who refuses*  Abuse Reports also gets listed here!



Amazon AWS is now hosting SCRAPER SCUM!

- - [02/Oct/2014:12:14:59 -0400] GET xxxx/xxxxxx.xxx
HTTP/1.1" 200 xxxx "-" "A6-Indexer/1.0 (http://www.a6corp.com/a6-web-scraping-policy)"

Newest Entry ---->  Amazon aws now owns a BlackHole at:  <---- Newest Entry

The above a6corp.com is a E-MAIL SCRAPER / HARVESTER 



ptr.cnsat.com.cn - - [28/Sep/2014:19:24:46 -0400] 

"GET / HTTP/1.1" 200 106673 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:22.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/22.0"

This Idiot just does useless fetches wasting my bandwidth!

China Shenzhen Shenzhen Sunrise Technology Co. Ltd

This Chinese Idiot Company now own a BlackHole at:


NetRange: -

wayport.net  now owns a BlackHole at: CIDR:

This Dumb Ass company (wayport/ATT)  refuses to accept abuse reports!

OrgName: Wayport, Inc.
Address: 4509 Freidrich Lane
Address: Building III, Suite 300
City: Austin
StateProv: TX
PostalCode: 78744
Country: US

OrgTechHandle: WN25-ARIN
OrgTechName: ATT WiFi Services IT
OrgTechPhone: +1-512-519-6450 
OrgTechEmail: arin-coordinator@wayport.net
OrgTechRef: http://whois.arin.net/rest/poc/WN25-ARIN

Reporting-MTA: dns; mxr-sna-0101.corp.wayport.net

Final-Recipient: rfc822;abuse@wayport.net
Action: failed
Status: 5.0.0 (permanent failure)
Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 5.x.0 - Message bounced by administrator (delivery attempts: 0)

Fwd: C_A_N A-D..I A_N.._-D-R..U G_S T..O..R..E W4cll.eml


Fwd: C_A_N A-D..I A_N.._-D-R..U G_S T..O..R..E W4cll

snip snip snip

From - Mon Jun 30 04:49:59 2014
X-Account-Key: account3
X-UIDL: 1128005943.13718
X-Mozilla-Status: 1001
X-Mozilla-Status2: 00000000
Return-Path: <pharmacy-reasonable4@wayport.net>
X-Original-To: xxxxx@pcds.net
Delivered-To: xxxxx@mail.pcds.net
Received: from ip-64-134-29-174.public.wayport.net (ip-64-134-29-174.public.wayport.net [])
	by mail.pcds.net (Postfix) with ESMTP id 15214C7DAB
	for <xxxxx@pcds.net>; Mon, 30 Jun 2014 01:04:39 -0400 (EDT)
From: Meds Online <pharmacy-reasonable4@wayport.net>
To: <xxxxx@pcds.net>
Subject: C_A_N A-D..I A_N.._-D-R..U G_S T..O..R..E W4cll
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2014 01:04:40 -0400




NetRange: -

This Dumb Ass company refuses to accept abuse reports!

Received: from www.canadensis.com (www.canadensis.com [])
	by mail.pcds2.net (Postfix) with ESMTP id BF5DC1DE844C
	for <*****@pcds2.net>; Wed,  5 Dec 2012 14:08:59 -0500 (EST)

OrgName: NTT America, Inc.
OrgId: NTTAM-1
Address: 8300 E Maplewood Ave.
Address: Suite 400
City: Greenwood Village
StateProv: CO
PostalCode: 80111
Country: US


CIDR= ( - hostingservicesinc.net

Port Scans from the Idiot at: (uk2group.com)

OrgName: Hosting Services, Inc.
OrgId: HOSTI-20
Address: 164 N Gateway Drive
City: Providence
StateProv: UT
PostalCode: 84332
Country: US
RegDate: 2008-03-03
Updated: 2012-08-02
Ref: http://whois.arin.net/rest/org/HOSTI-20

OrgTechHandle: MMC281-ARIN
OrgTechName: McBride, Matt 
OrgTechPhone: +1-435-755-3433 
OrgTechEmail: mmcbride@westhost.com
OrgTechRef: http://whois.arin.net/rest/poc/MMC281-ARIN

sent abuse report but scans continue! 12-Sep-12

 e-Dialog = Scumbag Mass Marketing E-Mail Spammer

CIDR =  ( - 18-Jul-11 un-welcome offer from PayPal.com

CIDR =    ( - un-welcome offer from Networksolutions.com


nautilus.net <--- This Dumb Ass refuses to accept abuse reports!

DIRECPC.COM <--- This Dumb Ass company refuses to accept abuse reports!

 vista-express.com <--- Another Dumb Ass who refuses to accept abuse reports! 

iglou.com <--- This Dumb Ass refuses to accept abuse reports! However,

iglou.com does send Spam and Porn e-mail

 eircom.net  <--- Another Dumb Ass ISP who refuses to accept abuse reports!

Any ISP who makes reporting abusive behavior a real PAIN,

such as shawcable.net, bellnexxia.net, and charterpipeline.com!

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***   The Newest Sleaze Ball to send Dictionary Attacks against our servers  ***

eircom.net  <--- Pop3 Dictionary Attack(s) from the Idiot at 18-Frb-09

eircom.net  now owns a BlackHole at: CIDR [] 

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***   The Newest Sleaze Ball to send SPAM to my servers  ***

New Entry ----> mail.mortgagesystemsllc.com  [] regus.com ( 13-Oct-10<---- New Entry

vista-express.com Bounces Abuse Reports but they do send Korean Spam !!!

host-24-213-101-46.vista-express.com  ( 25-Mar-08 

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***   The Newest Sleaze Ball to send  Bank Phishing Fraud e-mail to my servers  ***

nautilus.net  Bounces Abuse Reports but they do send  Bank Phishing Fraud e-mail!!!

 nautilus.net - [] Bank Phishing Fraud ( 29-Sep-08  

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dpc6745177046.direcpc.com [] Spam ( 10-Mar-08

 (resultsmail.com [] CA. SPAM ButtWipe  ( 7-Mar-08

 sendeflyers.com [] TX SPAM rackspace.com ( 6-Mar-08

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comcast.net [] Spam/Porn Friendly ISP ( 17-Nov-03
SHAWCABLE.NET Spam friendly ISP [] 22-Aug-03
ms-smtp-02.texas.rr.com ( [] 4-Mar-03
comcast.net [] Spam Friendly ISP 29-Aug-03
shawcable.net spam source [] 3-Sep-05
A2000.com [] (Netherlands) 27-Jan-03
cgocable.net* SPAM friendly ISP ( 29-Aug-03
 itsj@techmags.com> ( Nuos Corporation - SPAM Host [] 17-Dec-03
 New Entry ----> theplanet.com  Hosting Fraudulent Bank Phishing sites![] <---- New Entry
 theplanet.com  Continuous Virus/Port ATTACKS ( [] 18-Apr-05
data.clickbuxx.com ( Perl Script Attacks []  5-Apr-05
fernando@extremallc.com SPAM ( PaeTec.net [] 23-Feb-04
Bellnexxia.net  []
ev1.net [] PORN HOST www.blondecore.com 28-May-05
  iglou.com  PORN Spam Source 13-Sep-05
sbc.net - Porn ( [] 6-Mar-03
SPAM Scumbag = (com.148.mx3oc.com oc3networks.com [66.63.172/24] 04-Apr-05
(w146.z066089231.chi-il.dsl.cnc.net []) Porn [www.bozomber.com]
PBI.NET ( techmags.com Spam [] 3-Mar-03
videotron.ca - Spam friendly ISP [] 27-Oct-02 expanded 28-May-03
Spam from: dvaldez@cdrglobal.com [] (swbell.net - Spam friendly ISP) 17-Sep-04
fuse.net ( ICMP/FTP Attacks. NO response to ABUSE reports! 20-Mar-06
hsia.telus.net Spam []
smtp1.bllvwa.cablespeed.com NIMDA Worm Attacks []
algx.net Spam [] 25-Jan-03
Andinanet Porn []  22-Feb-03
   guilfordcomm.net [] SPAM HOST tar82.clannetwork.biz  08-May-05
Open Mail Relay - SPAM ( secure4.company-hosting.net [] 22-Dec-04
AMERITECH.NET [] Spam - Open Proxy 22-Feb-03
algx.net Spam []
comcast.net [] Spam Friendly ISP ( 29-Aug-03
comcast.net [] Spam Friendly ISP ( 19-Jun-03
comcast.net [] Porn Friendly ISP ( 18-Jul-03
comcast.net [] Spam Friendly ISP ( 29-Aug-03
techmags.com - Spam Source - covad.net (   20-May-03
serverpronto.com ( Ft. Lauderdale Scumbag SPAMMER/Toilet site [] 29-Jun-05
EGWH - PNS Holdings [] - Spam friendly ISP ( 3-Aug-03
fuse.net ( ICMP/FTP Attacks. NO response to ABUSE reports! 20-Mar-06
theplanet.com ( Spam & Port Scan Attacks from Texas!!! [] 21-Mar-05
dimenoc.com ( ScumBag Orlando, FL. Spammer dizinc.com [] 04-Sep-05
dip.t-dialin.net  []
uni2.dk Spam (   []  5-Mar-03
trackingclicks.com (   [] 1-Mar-03
telstra.net [] 28-Oct-02
catalogs-galore.com   []
hsia.telus.net  []
LANIC  []   6-Feb-03
Spam  []  29-Dec-02
Chile - LANIC  []  3-Feb-03
iglou.com  PORN Spam Source 13-Sep-05
Ripe [] 18-Dec-02
skynet.be Porn Spam site []  2-Dec-02
XS4ALL [] 19-Feb-03
prtc.net ISP Spam Source ( 8-Jun-03
Brazil - Porn Capitol of the World! - LANIC  []
bigtimefiber.com (Bill Waggoner) <<< Scum Bag Spammer [] 27-Nov-04
(ruraltel.net) 204.96.151.* Ass Hole Spam Source!
comcast.net [] Spam Friendly ISP ( 3-Nov-03
imf03aec.mail.bellsouth.net Spam friendly ISP ( 1-Sep-03
PBI.NET [] Scum Bag Spammer <gary@dattech.com> 4-Feb-03
qwest.net [] grubermail.com Spammer ( 19-Aug-04
valueweb.net [] (Spam Source) affinity.com 23-May-05
metrobility.com - Scum Bag Spammer   []  19-Sep-02
ELI.NET [] Porn - remarkablehosting.net  16-Feb-03
 liquidweb.com [] SPAM Friendly ISP Spammer:(host.spyzooka.com []) 16-May-06
Core Comm []   4-Nov-02
PG & C Leasing - Spam   [] 8-Dec-02
bellnexxia.net [209.226.175/24] Spam Source (tomts20.bellnexxia.net)  29-Jul-04
ABAC.COM Range Block []  9-Oct-02
servepath.com PORN friendly ISP (   29-Aug-03
nautilus.net - [] Bank Phishing Fraud ( 29-Sep-08
storm.ca []  html VIRUS attachment  (  02-Mar-05
metrobility.com - Scum Bag Spammer [theforward.net] ( 17-Jun-04
everyone.net [] - Spam Friendly ISP - sitemail.everyone.net ( 20-Jun-05
ThePlanet.com - Spam & Port Scan Attacks from Texas!!! []
matrix-cg.net - ISP Spam Source ( 7-May-03
cyberangels.nl - Port Attacks [] 25-Apr-03
dip.t-dialin.net  Bad News!  (  24-Aug-03
superonline.net (Istanbul) - ISP Spam Host - ( 2-May-03
pd9e6209b.dip.t-dialin.net - Hacker Attacks - ( 5-Aug-03

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